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Arcturian Healing: 
Clearing Blockages, Resolving Karmic Patterns, and Healing Ancestral Wounds

Unlock Your Inner Healing Potential

Embark on a Journey of Dynamic Healing with Arcturian Healing

Choosing alternative therapies like Arcturian Healing or Energy Balance is a powerful journey towards achieving genuine and authentic results. These spiritual modalities provide individuals with unique opportunities to delve into self-care practices that truly connect with their inner essence and spiritual path. By engaging in therapies that release Karmic Patterns and restore Energy Balance, individuals witness a profound shift in their physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.


Embrace these transformative therapies and embark on a journey towards holistic wellbeing and spiritual alignment.

What we offer

Arcturian Healing Session

Arcturian healing is a powerful tool that can help you reclaim harmony and balance within yourself. In a world that often pushes us to prioritise things that do not serve our highest good, it is crucial to prioritise self-care. By taking the time to nurture and care for yourself, you are not only promoting self-awareness but also releasing the burdens of everyday life. Embrace the practice of Arcturian healing and watch as it transforms your life, guiding you towards a path of inner peace and well-being. Remember, you have the power to create the life you desire. Take the first step towards self-care today and watch as your world transforms into one filled with positivity and abundance.


Embark on a journey of self-healing and rejuvenation through the transformative power of acupressure sessions. Feel the release of adhesions, the relaxation of spasmed muscles, and the restoration of your mobility. Embrace this opportunity to unlock your body's full potential and experience the freedom of movement you deserve. 

Your path to wellness begins now.

Energy Cleanse & Balance

Participating in an energy cleanse and balancing session can effectively eliminate unwanted attachments, leading to a rejuvenated sense of wellness. This procedure incorporates the use of sound therapy and dowsing rods to evaluate the energy centres (chakras) before and after the session, ensuring a comprehensive approach to restoring balance and harmony.

Our Crystals

Our crystals are unique and of high quality, personally chosen by myself. 



Skulls come to us to teach us firstly to connect to ourselves. Once their work is done, they will then bring in esoteric connects.

They act as a between guide. 



Dragons are elemental beings and when a dragon calls, he calls in his / her guardian.

 They become our protectors. 



Goddesses have been used for millennia in temples and on altars. They bring in a connection to feminine energy, teaching us to connect with ourselves and to the world around us.

Angels / Faeries


Angels help us to connect to the angelic realms and bring in enlightenment and knowledge from & of those realms.

Faeries help us to connect with nature and Gaia. Their knowledge is given to us to help us to protect the naturel world.


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